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Still no echochrome on PAL PSN

Dark Mist and other bits instead.

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There's still no echochrome on the PAL PlayStation Store this week, but there are at least a few bits and pieces to take your mind off it, according to VG247.

One Overlord demo of extra evil, for example, mixed in with the PSN game Dark Mist, which is okay and maybe worth a punt if dungeon-crawling is your thing.

A better PSN title to splash out on is PixelJunk Monsters, which expanded with its Encore pack this week for GBP 1.99.

Or you can buy some extra Everybody's Golf Characters, because Gloria and Alex are golf and cost just GBP 0.69 each.

The excellent WipEout Pure is on the PSP Store for PC (GBP 14.99), as is Command & Conquer Red Alert that rings a bell in our rusty real-time strategy bucket-head.

And, if none of that tickles your fancy, then you'll have to make do with themes for PAIN, Eye of Judgement, Warhawk and Overlord, as well as trailers for Brothers In Arms (yes it does still exist), Burnout Paradise and Dark Sector.

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