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PlayStation Day shots roundup

All the ones you haven't seen.

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Sony's PlayStation Day in London on Tuesday wasn't all about sexy announcements; it was also about giving us a press CD so we could sift through it to find out which screenshots we haven't already got. It's these:

  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift - A handsome devil, this MotorStorm sequel, with split-screen multiplayer, monster trucks and 16 new tracks on an island inspired by Hawaii.
  • Killzone 2 - Once upon a time it was just some suspicious "target renders". Now it's real, and so grey you could stick some eyes on it, wrap it in Edwina Currie and call it John Major.
  • LittleBigPlanet - A little love siren went off in our head when we saw this again. It's the happiest game we can remember. When the little Helghast Sackboys appeared we yelped a bit.
  • Siren: Blood Curse - A download-only 12-episode horror series that revisits one of the PS2's scariest and most under-appreciated action-adventures. Get ready to Sight-Jack enemies and wander around a spooky Japanese village.
  • SingStar Vol. 2 - We really have spent a stupid amount of money on that blasted SingStore. Another disc of songs will be a welcome respite from all the stupid purchases we can't justify.
  • SingStar PS3 - But let us not forget that SingStar PS3 still goes strong, and isn't even out in the US yet. Haha. PS Day brought us some pics of the best community efforts. Why does everything have to be a community nowadays?
  • PlayTV - To go with its September date and EUR 99 price, Sony delivered three lifestyle photographs of people you will never be in enviable surroundings.
  • Elefunk - This has elephants jumping around on a bridge. Why are you even still here? Click.
  • PixelJunk Eden - PixelJunk Racers was a bit dull, but PixelJunk Monsters was better. Will this continue the upward trend or disappear up its own bottom? We shall see.
  • Super Stardust HD Team Pack - This teamy add-on for Rich Leadbetter's favourite PSN game has split-screen Vs. and Co-op modes with various game-types and a ship editor. Coming soon, as they say.

And that, apart from a high-def video of those two blokes in a VW Combi and a lot of shots you can already find on this very website, is that. Look out for some previews and interviews from PlayStation Day very soon.

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