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MGS4 soundtrack details revealed

Special edition goodies unveiled.

Famitsu has got details of the Japanese release of the Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack for us this morning - not terribly comprehensive details, but a taster at least of what those of you who've pre-ordered the UK special edition of the game will be getting for your extra cash.

Launching in Japan as a standalone package today (with an appropriately moody looking close-up of Snake's wrinkly face on the cover), the soundtrack comes on a single CD and contains 47 tracks.

It's composed, as ever, by the series' musical stalwarts Nobuko Toda and Harry Gregson-Williams, and on past experience, we'd suggest avoiding track listings if you don't want major spoilers.

This is, presumably, the same disc that you'll be getting if you pre-ordered the £79.99 special edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 from You'll also get a six-inch figurine and a "Making Of" Blu-Ray disc.

If you just fancy picking up the soundtrack on its own, however, the Japanese standalone soundtrack costs 3045 Yen, which is about fifteen quid (or 19 Euro) in real money.