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Fable 2 shifted to "holiday"

No longer autumn.

Microsoft has sneakily changed the Fable 2 release date to "this holiday", which is probably one of its favourite words.

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux had previously told us to expect it towards the end of the year "when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge - but are still on the trees, if you see what I mean". Otherwise known as autumn.

He also told us he would rather be able to turn invisible than have lasers for eyes. Wrong.

Fable 2 is a role-playing game that lets you marry computer characters and raise a family, as well as kill rats and make money and save the world and all that.

It also has drop-in/out co-operative play for you and a friend either locally or online. The best bit about this is if the person joining has a saved character, the game detects it and models their henchman around it. It also means you take away any gold or experience earned when going back to your world.

In and around Fable 2's launch we'll also see Live Arcade releases that let you earn in-game cash to use in the full release, which you can spend on houses and all sorts.

Get thee to our Fable 2 gamepage for plenty more.

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