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Fable 2 in late 2008 - Molyneux

Dev also talks up Lionhead's other game as you interview him.

Fable 2 will be released in "late 2008", Peter Molyneux told Eurogamer readers today in a wide-ranging LiveText interview.

When pressed to be more specific, he added: "Late 2008. Maybe when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge - but are still on the trees, if you see what I mean." Fable 2 is Lionhead's Xbox 360-exclusive follow-up to the critically acclaimed Xbox ARPG Fable.

Molyneux also dropped hints about what else the British developer - now Microsoft-owned - is working on. "We are working on a title now which is kind of a hybrid of Dimitri," he told Eurogamer readers.

"I am really, really pushing the powers-that-be to allow me to tell/show the world this new project. I know I am prone to say things like 'great', 'revolutionary' and 'ambitious', but this new project is absolutely great, revolutionary and ambitious!"

Other highlights of Molyneux's chat with Eurogamer readers:

  • The name of Lionhead's second project quite possibly begins with "Mi" - the rest got snipped by a buffer in our interview system and then he thought better of revealing it!
  • He's interested in developing simulation and God games for the DS, and said he would love to do Dungeon Keeper DS if EA gave him the rights back.
  • The game he most enjoyed this year - "mainly because of the environment and story" - was BioShock.
  • He would consider working on somebody else's property rather than original IP providing Lionhead was given "creative freedom to take the licence in any direction".
  • He says the Xbox 360 is the best console he's ever worked on. "I have to be diplomatic, but that is true."
  • He believes that within the next ten years a game will be considered "a major scientific breakthrough".
  • He would rather be invisible than have lasers for eyes.

You can read the entire transcript through the blue-word doors to truth.

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