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PlayStation Day LiveText plans

Hirai/Reeves conference on Tuesday.

Sony is planning a press conference on Tuesday, 6th May in London during its PlayStation Day event at The O2 in Greenwich, and Eurogamer will be reporting live.

Sony has yet to publicly confirm the timing, but SCE president Kaz Hirai and SCEE president David Reeves will both be speaking, and are expected to reveal details of Sony's plans for the coming months.

We're expecting some sort of PlayTV announcement, and hopefully progress reports and maybe even dates for upcoming titles like Killzone 2, PlayStation Home, Resistance 2 and MotorStorm 2.

The event will also showcase games on PSN, PSP and PS2, with hands-on for big PS3 games too, so there should be lots to take in. Join us on Tuesday to find out what happens.

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