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Play Rabbids game "with your ass"

Ubi demos innovative control system.

Ubisoft has revealed the next instalment in the Rayman Raving Rabbids series will be "the first ever game you can play with your ass".

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, as it's titled, was demonstrated at the UbiDays conference by someone called Antoine, sporting the kind of giant hair, extravagant beard and red Lycra catsuit only a Frenchman can carry off.

He began by playing a snowboarding game. This involved sitting down on a Wii Balance Board with a remote and nunchuk in each hand, and shifting his weight left and right to steer. "The Wii balance board is exceptionally sensitive towards his bottom," observed the gentleman commentating. A rabbid followed Antoine's movements on-screen, zooming down a ski course while riding an upside-down cow.

As the mini-game progressed Antoine started waving the remote and nunchuk about to perform jumps and pull off different moves. You earn points accordingly and will be able to share your high scores online. "The moves look fairly easy," said the commentator, "But I challenge you to hit them all the first time."

Then it was time to demonstrate a game called Dancing With Dweebs, for which Antoine was joined on stage by three other players. The audience was instructed to get to its feet for a "collective boogie". The people on stage picked up nunchuks and remotes and began waving their arms around, following the movements of stickmen scrolling by on the big screen.

Underneath the stickmen, rabbids representing each player went mental and the points racked up. Despite host Vernon Kay's urges for the audience to "Make an effort" and "Come on", everyone remained stationary, and Ubisoft perhaps regretted its decision to offer nothing but Perrier and orange juice as pre-conference drinks.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is out this Christmas on Wii and DS. For more info, read our earlier news story.

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