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Ubisoft unveils Rabbids 3

Uses Wii Balance Board.

Ubisoft has unveiled the latest in its Rayman Raving Rabbids series of games.

The third instalment will be heading to DS and Wii this Christmas and aims to parody the various channels of telly forced in our faces every day.

Those buying it on Wii will be able to make use of the Balance Board and Wiimote controls in over 65 mini-games, doing all sorts of silly things that made the original surprisingly good.

And if slugging your way through a week of telly and all its ads gets a bit boring, then you can always invite your friends over and take on up-to seven others in turn-based mode, or challenge three others simultaneously.

Exciting. But not only that, you can also customise your bunny and take its photo and send it to your friends over the Internet.