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Battlefield: Bad Company demo in June

PS3 and 360, with single-player and online.

EA and DICE are busy applying the finishing pixels to an upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company demo, which will be out on PSN and Xbox Live on 5th June.

The demo will give you your first taste of the single-player mode, which sees Bad Company on a quest for gold, while the multiplayer element will give you access to the Gold Rush mode and Oasis map. You may already have experienced the latter in the recent closed multiplayer beta.

Those who tackle the multiplay will also be able to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon by reaching rank four. The full game will have a number of locked weapons, some of which can be obtained by playing through the game while others are promotional items.

EA also says that you will be able to gain early access to the demo by pre-ordering Bad Company through participating retailers, but for the moment the offer's only open to the US. "Participating EU retailers to be added," says the official site.

Battlefield: Bad Company puts players in B Company, a band of soldiers who go AWOL in search for gold, much as George Clooney and company do in Three Kings. The single-player is more developed than it has been in past Battlefields, and DICE has made a big deal of its destructible environments across a range of promotional events and many trailers, which you can access from the 360 and PS3 gamepages.

The full game is due out on 27th June. Check out our Battlefield: Bad Company hands-on preview for more on the recent multiplayer beta.