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GTA 2 available for download this month?

Mysterious website starts rumours.

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The Internet is awash with speculation Rockstar could be planning to release Grand Theft Auto 2 for Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this month.

It all began after mysterious dates appeared on the official GTA2 website.

The dates, "2 May 08" and "23 May 08" (it said "22 May 08" yesterday), link to present and future sections of the site respectively. There are also two clocks set two hours apart of each other - one is fixed at 09.38 and the other at 11.38. Only the seconds change.

While this could simply be a play on the bizarre futuristic setting of GTA2, many believe these dates to hail the coming of the long-rumoured console ports.

Rockstar was unavailable for comment at the time of writing. Here's hoping they haven't been buried under all that gold.

Grand Theft Auto 2 was released in October 1999 on PSone and PC. It later appeared on Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour.

It was the last in the series to be top-down, and introduced doing missions for separate gangs to gain favour. However, gaining the trust of one was often at the detriment of a relationship with another, making managing loyalties a key area of the game.

You can download a one-level demo of GTA2 from the official website. Or you could just buy Grand Theft Auto IV.

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