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Bank Holiday update plans

What we'll be doing.

It's a Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday, so we won't be updating the news again until Tuesday. However, there will be some features going up to help fill the hours, including a couple of reviews - one of which has an alarmingly large number on the end. What could it be?

As for what we'll be doing with our time, we assume you don't care, and this blog will abide by its guiding principle of not wasting your time on the contents of our fridges and so on, but if you spot us playing GTA IV online then feel free to join in.

If we ignore you, please rest assured that it's only because we're doing something exciting in the single-player that we can't get out of, and not because we hate you. We want to make it into the 100% Club - something that even Rockstar employees are apparently struggling to do.

Oh, and those of you wondering where our GTA IV Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off is, hang on for another few days, because we have something special in store to help get to the bottom of what unites and divides the two versions.