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More content confirmed for SFIV console

New characters and online fights.

Capcom has said the freshly confirmed console versions of Street Fighter IV will have more characters plus an online mode.

Internet fights will be limited to you and a friend, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu, which talked to game producer Yoshinori Ono for its latest issue.

Rufus is the first of the new faces, and is a big fat chap in a partially unzipped jump-suit who is apparently a fierce rival of Ken's. He looks a bit like a kebab shop regular with a ponytail.

The second is a fellow called Seth. He's the final boss in the game and is also a blue robot-like person with a weird tummy. His flashiest move is the ability to absorb your fighting style and use it against you.

There's still no date set for the console versions of Street Fighter IV, although the arcade offering is due in Japan in late July.

You can find the first snaps of the new characters on Famitsu.com.