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PSN signups hit 1 million in Japan

Around 400k use the Store each month.

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a million PS3 owners have now signed up to PlayStation Network in Japan.

As reported by Kotaku, the company also said around 400,000 people in the region visit the PlayStation Store every month. To say thank you they're giving away 1000 PSN vouchers for use in the Store, each worth JPY 1000 (GBP 4.88 / EUR 6.11).

PSN has also proved popular in other territories. As announced by Kaz Hirai at PlayStation Day earlier this month, more than 8 million people around the world now have accounts - and 3 million of them live in PAL countries.

The figure for Xbox Live subscriptions, meanwhile, now stands at 12 million worldwide. Microsoft hasn't said how many of those accounts belong to gamers in Japan, but we'd bet a whole pound it's less than a million.