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Fable 2 "content complete" by week's end

Molyneux adamant it's out this year.

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Peter Molyneux has said Fable 2 will be "content complete" by the end of this week, and assured us that any rumours it will slip to next year are "unfounded".

He was talking to IGN at the Microsoft event in San Francisco, and said it was just bug-testing and tweaking left to be done on the title.

Molyneux also offered a more in-depth look at the Xbox 360-exclusive and "holiday"-bound title, detailing the opening sequences you spend as a child with your sister, Rose, as well as the five augmentation slots for weapons and the customisable rings, earrings, and necklaces.

He's still banging his morality drum, too, with one example of a difficult choice given as choosing if you or a lovely girl passing by is to have their face horribly and permanently disfigured. Remember, the world will behave differently to you decide to bear the burden.

Many of the other features Molyneux told us about back in February at the Game Developers Conference.

Expect more information on the title as the event unfolds.

Until then, pop over to our Fable 2 gallery for the freshly released and rather impressive screenshots.

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