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MMOs will be "selling point" for PS3

So says Sony Online Entertainment boss.

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley reckons that MMO games will be important to PS3's success, according to an interview with the Seattle Times.

"I think MMOs are going to be a real strong selling point for the PS3 long term - there's going to be some great ones on the PS3," Smedley said.

"You're not going to find The Agency on the 360," he added, referring to SOE's spy-themed MMO currently in development at its Seattle studio.

Microsoft has twice abandoned its own plans to bring MMOs to consoles: first with Level 5's True Fantasy Live Online for the original Xbox, more recently with Cryptic's Marvel Universe Online for the 360. However, 360 currently plays host to Square's MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, and is expected to get versions of Funcom's Age of Conan, Cryptic's Champions Online, and Realtime Worlds' APB.

The Agency is the only officially confirmed MMO for PS3 at the moment, but genre specialist NCsoft has signed a deal to bring several games to the platform.