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We are number one, says Activision

And we've made USD 2.9 billion.

Activision has published results for the 2008 financial year and declared itself the biggest publisher in the whole of America.

The company made USD 2.9 billion in net revenues - up 92 per cent over the previous year. Net income stood at USD 344.9 million, up from USD 85.8 million. Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4 did particularly well, both passing the billion dollar mark in sales.

"During the fiscal year, we were the number one US console and handheld publisher in dollars for the first time ever, according to The NPD Group, and we grew our worldwide share of the console, handheld and PC markets year over year," said bossman Robert Kotick.

In a conference call following the publication of the results, Activision confirmed a fifth Call of Duty game is on the way and promised to reinvent the Tony Hawk series. A Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game was announced, and Guitar Hero 4 was given a "holiday" release date.