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Brothers In Arms movie in "talks"

Col. John wages war on Hollywood.

You've played the game, read the book, now watch the film? If you're a Brothers In Arms fan, the bloody adventures of Matt Baker and the 101st Airborne could be coming to a cinema near you, with the series' military expert revealing that talks are already underway on a Hell's Highway flick.

Fresh from barking orders at a baffled audience during the Ubidays press conference on Wednesday evening, the irrepressible Colonel John Antal spent the next day pimping his new novel and history book to us, both of which tie in with Gearbox's forthcoming WWII shooter.

The third game in the series deals with Operation Market Garden, which saw the Allies attempting to seize a bridge in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands in late 1944, and end the war early. According to Antal, the operation lasted 10 days, but the game only depicts eight of these.

"There's two days of the 10 days that are not in the game," he told Eurogamer. "And those two days that are not in the game, I made the story for the novel; we filled the gap." And revealing the wider potential of the story, he added: "I think the novel will be a movie."

"There's talks; but until you get beyond the talks, it's all talk. Anyone who has a brain, who's involved in the financing of this stuff and the creation of this stuff goes okay, make a hit videogame hit, really good showing as a novel, yeah that might make a good movie. But, you know, it all depends." On how loudly the colonel shouts at them, we imagine.

The novelisation - "historical fiction", like the game, according to Antal - releases just ahead of the game in late July, with the history book following in the autumn. Antal added that it would be "pretty silly" if Ubisoft didn't release some kind of bundle featuring game and book. We weren't going to argue.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway - which Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford reckons looks loads better than Gears of War is out on PC, 360 and PS3 this August. We took a long, hard look at the latest build yesterday so stay tuned for detailed impressions soon.