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Hell's Highway looks '20% better than Gears'

Randy bigs up his Brothers.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford reckons the visuals in Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway represent a "15-20 percent" leap over Epic's still rather foxy Gears of War.

Jabbering away enthusiastically this morning during a Ubidays demo of the WWII FPS, Pitchford justified his claim by pointing to the improvements both his studio and tech creator Epic have made to the engine since Marcus Fenix grunted onto 360 in late 2006.

"Hell's Highway is Unreal Engine 3, it's the engine that powered Gears of War," he reminded us. "Now since Gears of War, Epic's invested a lot in the technology and it's much better than what was in Gears. And we've worked a lot on this technology; so you're seeing fidelity that's about 15-20 percent higher than Gears of War."

Hell's Highway is the third instalment in the Brothers In Arms series, taking Operation Market Garden as its historical setting. It's out on 360, PS3 and PC this August. We'll let you know our detailed thoughts on the latest build soon. In the meantime, see if you agree with Randy's claims by checking out the brand new Hell's Highway footage direct from Ubidays.