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Gears of War 2 keynote at GC 2008

Epic to talk progress in Leipzig.

Epic boss Michael Capps will be giving a Gears of War 2 keynote at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

The event runs from 18th to 20th August, and the talk will cover how the game has progressed through development.

"Epic set the technological bar for next-generation games with the original Gears of War, so we knew we had our work cut for us with Gears of War 2," said Capps. "We look forward to sharing with our peers what we have learned so far from this incredible experience."

There is no word on whether Cliff Bleszinski and his hair will be there to rip through a paper wall with a replica Lancer gun. Or if Capps will rap his speech in a similar fashion to The Cole Train.

Gears of War 2 was unveiled at the Game Developers Conference back in February. It will continue to be Xbox 360-exclusive and is due out in November.

The story is set six months after the first and has you teaming up with familiar and fresh faces to battle the Locust.

There are new enemies like the Kantus monks who can revive their fallen comrades, plus an expanded arsenal to help you best even bigger bosses - hopefully more challenging than that one in the Imulsion Mines from the original.

The Unreal Engine 3 has undergone some significant improvements from two years ago, too, and will allow more enemies on screen as well as do some fancy things we will never understand.

You can find out more about Gears of War 2 in our rather lengthy roundup of the new features.

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