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New MotorStorm 2 details emerge

New subtitle, AI, monster trucks.

More of the sequel to hit PS3 racer MotorStorm has been revealed at the SCEE PlayStation Day conference.

Titled MotorStorm Pacific Rift, it's said to be no ordinary sequel. According to creative director Paul Hollywood the game will feature "ultra-aggressive AI" and loads of attack maneouvres. The environment will act as "a dangerous and unpredictable foe".

"The island is now your greatest enemy, challenging you to hack your way through thick vegetation; teeter on the edge of towering cliffs; plough through tropical waters; and escape the deadly volcanic interior," Hollywood said.

They've taken inspiration from Hawaii, so you can expect volcanoes, waterfalls and swamps - but, "This is MotorStorm, so no Hula." No Elvis either, perhaps disappointingly. There's also interactive vegetation in the form of shrubs that will stop you in your tracks if your vehicle isn't big enough to conquer them (although smaller vehicles can follow in the path of larger ones), and water that has real flow and buoyancy.

There will be 16 tracks in the game and up to 20 vehicles can take part in races. There's a new monster truck class, and you can climb as well as race with these vehicles. They can sprint and crush punier rivals, but aren't brilliant at cornering.

Expect four-player split-screen racing plus the usual online options. "This is not Redneck Racing, Baja or Rally," Hollywood confirmed.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift will be out in time for Christmas, if you believe the BBC. Anyone for live text?

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