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Age of Conan pricing confirmed

Also: shocking install size revealed.

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Funcom has laid out the full subscription pricing structure for its imminent fantasy MMO, Age of Conan.

In the UK the game will cost GBP 8.99 per month to play, the same as most competitors - except hold on, that doesn't include VAT. In fact, an Age of Conan subscription will set you back GBP 10.34 a month.

It comes in a little cheaper if you commit to three months or six - GBP 28.95 and GBP 53.06 respectively, including tax.

The situation is reflected in Europe, where thanks to the strong Euro, the game is really quite expensive to play. A EUR 12.99 monthly base rate becomes EUR 14.94 with tax. The three and six month subs cost EUR 41.37 and EUR 75.83.

Americans get off lightest: they pay USD 14.99 for one month, USD 41.97 for three, and USD 77.94 for six.

Alternatively, you can buy 60-day timecards from shops. These have a recommended retail price of 29.99, in both US dollars and euros.

The cost of playing Age of Conan is not just monetary, however. We've just received our beta copy of the game - open beta starts today - and can confirm that the install comes in at a whopping 32GB.

Best start clearing hard drive space and updating your graphics card drivers now. This one's a monster.

Age of Conan launches on 20th May - 23rd May in Europe - which is excitingly soon. Check out the gamepage for words and media, and look for more from Eurogamer MMO as launch approaches.

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