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Future PGR could be made by Turn 10

Uh oh, it's Shane Kim again!

Shane Kim has said that a future version of Project Gotham Racing could be developed by Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10.

Speaking to Kikizo recently, Kim said, "Our goal is to roll the studio so that they can do more creative execution within the racing space. So you can imagine a future where they would develop a new version of Project Gotham Racing."

Nothing is set in stone, he said, but he did add that "after four versions of PGR, it's really important for us to take a fresh creative approach to it and to really think about what we want the next version of PGR to be if we do that".

PGR began life in another guise, Metropolis Street Racer, on Dreamcast with Bizarre Creations, who went on to steer the series through four critically acclaimed Xbox platform-exclusive iterations.

However, with the developer's acquisition by Activision, announced last September, Microsoft had to rethink. "Project Gotham Racing is a signature racing franchise for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live and we plan to continue the series but we have nothing further to announce," the company said at the time.