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Sony sold 9 million PS3s last year

So its bank balance is going up.

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Sony has told everyone that it sold 9.24 million PS3 consoles in its last financial year, which ended in March 2008.

That is an increase of 5.63 million from the year before, with software sales seeing a similar leap from 44.6 million to 57.9 million.

The worldwide PS3 figure now stands at 12.81 million units sold.

The PSP added 4.36 million hardware sales to take it to a 13.9 million lifetime total, and sold 55.5 million pieces of PSP software over the 12-month period. (Correction, 12.26pm: We originally said 800,000 based on some cock-eyed back-of-a-napkin calculations. Apologies for the error.)

However, the biggest seller of the Sony bunch was the ageing PS2, which shifted 13.73 million consoles. This was a year-on-year decrease of 980,000, but good nonetheless.

Its massive installed base meant 154 million games were sold on PS2 which, again, was down (by 34 million) on the year before, but still nearly triple the other platforms.

Unsurprisingly, then, Sony has made more money from its videogames division: USD 12.2 billion if you're counting, which is a whole 26.3 percent better than last year.

It still means Sony is running at a loss of USD 1.18 million in that department, but it hopes this will edge into profit this financial year as hardware costs drop and PS3 software sales increase - even with the offset of declining PS2 demand.

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