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Insomniac shows off Resistance 2

Will offer social networking features.

Insomniac boss Ted Price has taken to the stage at Sony's PlayStation Day conference to reveal more of the sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man.

Apparently Resistance 2 will "focus equally on four areas" - community, campaign, co-op and competitive.

MyResistance.net is set for a total overhaul, and it'll offer "the kind of social features you'll find in sites like Facebook" according to Price. All these will be tightly integrated within the game.

The storyline will reveal more about Hale's background and the origins of the Chimera, and there's a separate plot for the eight-player co-op mode. You'll get rewarded with bonus points for teamwork, and these can be used to level-up and so on.

The multiplayer mode has been redesigned and now features Chimera. It's all about "battles within battles" - so each 60-person fight will involve five smaller skirmishes between squads. Each squad will be given dynamic objectives.

As previously announced, Resistance 2 is due out this November. You can read a bit more about it, and lots of other things, in our PlayStation Day live text.