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Dragon Quest trilogy coming to DS

Remakes to hit Europe in September.

Square Enix has announced that it's bringing a trilogy of DS remakes of classic games in the Dragon Quest series to Europe and other PAL territories.

The first will be Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen - a remake of the NES classic Dragon Quest IV. It comes out in September this year, around the same time as the US release, after appearing in Japan back in November.

Remakes of numbers V and VI in the massively popular Japanese RPG series are scheduled to follow - subtitled The Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Realms of Reverie, respectively. Collectively, the three games are known as the Zenithia Trilogy, after a sky castle that appears in all three. It's the first time these games have been officially released in Europe.

They aren't simple ports - all three games get a full overhaul for the DS. Expect 3D graphics, dual screen presentation, an orchestral score, a wireless feature that adds characters to your game based on other players met in the real world, and monsters that have actual animation routines. You can't stop progress.

"I hope that game players throughout Europe will enjoy the humour and excitement and look forward to future adventures," said Square Enix president John Yamamoto.

Square Enix is betting big on the DS for the future of the Dragon Quest series: the next all-new instalment, Dragon Quest IX, is in development by Level 5 exclusively for Nintendo's handheld.