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New LOTRO minigame hits web

Drink beer, throw axes in Swig and Toss.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Turbine has added a new mini-game to its website pimping the next Lord of the Rings Online expansion, Mines of Moria.

Swig and Toss is available to play at, joining the dice-throwing strategy of King Under the Mountain.

Swig and Toss is a game of drinking, gambling and axe-throwing, all rather too intimately involved with each other. Trying to keep a steady aim under the influence is key, but the more you drink, the more you can wager.

As with King Under the Mountain, it can be played in multiplayer if you register, and registration allows you to unlock in-game deeds and items for LOTRO as well as videos and images from Mines of Moria.

Swig and Toss is fairly basic, lunch-break-wasting Flash-gaming, but it's good fun in multiplayer and worth a look for the unlocks. Mines of Moria, which is sounding rather good, is due in autumn this year.

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