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DOOM 4 announced

id Software staffing up.

Somewhat out of the blue, id Software has announced that production has begun on DOOM 4 and that it is expanding the team working on it.

No details of the game, presumably another first-person shooter, have been released, but the Texan developer has job openings on PC, PS3 and 360 and has spoken openly in the past of its desire to work on multiple next-gen platforms.

"DOOM is part of the id Software DNA and demands the greatest talent and brightest minds in the industry to bring the next instalment of our flagship franchise to Earth," said CEO Todd Hollenshead.

"It's critical for id Software to have the best creative minds in-house to develop games that meet the standards synonymous with our titles."

The last Doom game appeared on PC and later Xbox, and saw players exploring a UAC research base on Mars in the aftermath of catastrophic cross-dimensional naughtiness which set demons loose on its occupants.

id is currently working on a multi-platform next-generation game called Rage in which players explore a post-apocalyptic desert world by car, with FPS encounters along the way.

That was unveiled at last year's QuakeCon event in Dallas, where the developer also revealed that it was assembling a second development team to create a web-based Quake game, now known as Quake Live.