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Wii to get Lost in Blue

Will you survive the island?

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Konami has decided to convert its Lost in Blue DS adventure series onto Wii.

Dubbed Shipwrecked, the idea is the same: you are shipwrecked on an island and have to survive. You're not alone, though, there's a girl and a dog and a man and they all have spiky hair and want to help because they were on the ship too. Or were they? Where's the manifest?

Unique to the Wii version are the 40 mini-games that have you waving your arms about to replicate things like carpentry, fishing, fire-making and general survival tasks. There are also some co-op tasks to complete.

Konami is promising it will be more accessible because of its less complicated island tutorial, too. Oh, and it has "dependable pets" that play you music and dance; the dog in the first batch of screenshots looks like Lassie.

It's sensible decision because Lost in Blue 1 and 2 on DS were pretty accomplished adventures.

Konami recently released a third instalment for the handheld in the US, and you can find screenshots and a trailer for it over in the Lost in Blue 3 gamepage. A review will be along to join them shortly.

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