Lost in Blue

Lost In Blue

Lost In Blue

Paradise isle, or parasite bile?

It was Enid Blyton who had me fall in love with adventure. It’s easy to mock the crazed old loon, and indeed it’s necessary to look harshly upon her casual racism, but even though she wasn’t a particularly good wordsmith, she could sure as hell tell a story.

The Famous Five is the name that leaps first to most people’s minds, but for me the stand out stories were the short-lived tales of The Adventurous Four, and the ...Of Adventure books. Both The Adventurous Four, and The Valley Of Adventure, featured stories of children stranded in the wild, foraging to survive. There was something primal, a base response in my under-developed mind that made these stories vivid and romantic, such that I dreamed of being the survivor of a crashed plane in a lost valley, or washing up with a shipwreck onto the beach of a deserted island. Of course, these locations would be re-appropriated by my maturing imagination a few years later, this time with one more survivor to keep me company. And even today such a circumstance fulfils the role of "my happy place". Lost In Blue would thus seem just about the most perfect subject ever.

Everything begins with the inelegantly named Keith washing up onto a beach, after his boat sank in the storm. His life is put into your hands; the left one on the D-pad, the right asked to manage the buttons and the stylus. And brilliantly, there are no instructions. You just have to let instincts kick in. The top screen shows you Keith’s four stats, his overall HP, strength, and need for food and water, the bottom the action with Keith and his new temporary home. It quickly becomes obvious that you’re going to need those human basics - food, fresh water, and shelter, and you get to business exploring the area to finding out what you’ve got. It won’t take long before Keith stumbles upon Skye, a girl about his age (guessing they’re older teenagers). And then in an excruciatingly heavy-handed gameplay-force, he stumbles upon her glasses, thus rendering her near-blind. She’s now dependent upon you for all her movement.

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