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DS gets Lost in Blue 2

Carpentry and wickerwork - yes!

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The sequel to Konami's DS adventure game Lost in Blue is due to wash ashore early next year.

In Lost in Blue 2, players take on the role of a male and female castaway, tasked with working together to overcome and survive the elements, while striving to search for a way off the island.

The DS touch screen will be put to use as the pair develop carpentry skills, wickerwork, cook food and go skin diving with the help of the trusty stylus.

For further variety, the male character is more physically adept at climbing, fighting and recovering his energy levels, while the female can hold her breath longer, is a dab hand with the bow and arrow and makes a better meal. Which sounds like marriage material to us, although her child-bearing hips are not mentioned.

Not only will players have to battle wild animals to survive but they'll also be exposed to the elements, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Negotiating the environment is said to be key, with catching and cooking food, avoiding dehydration and making weapons from whatever comes to hand all key to surviving the island.

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