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Secret Agent Clank demo on US PSN

Prepare fake glasses and moustache.

Sony has sneaked a Secret Agent Clank demo onto the US PSP Store for PC.

All you have to do to try it out is dress up like an American and lie about where you live on the PC Store log-in page. You need a PSP, of course.

The demo will put you in the noisy boots of Clank, and have you sneaking into a museum, dodging lasers, and using your robot brand of karate to subdue guards much bigger than you.

Secret Agent Clank was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show last year, and features all of the familiar faces from the Ratchet & Clank series.

Since then, the game has been finely tuned to run faster and look better.

Secret Agent Clank is due out in the US on 17th June. We've contacted Sony to ask for a European date but haven't heard back yet.

There's also a Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit demo on the US PS3 Store, which is probably worth a go if the Manga fighting series floats your boat.

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