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Haze co-op demo now on PSN

Explore the delightful Salva region.

A demo of much-delayed shooter Haze has now been added to the PlayStation Store.

It was added on Tuesday, actually, but we forgot to tell you. We're wearing one of those spiky punishment belts to make up for it.

The Haze demo lets you romp around that sun-drenched Salva region, described as "the only place on earth where you can blow a stranger's head off with a jolly smile".

Those smiles can be shared with up to three friends in online co-op, or offline with just one friend in ye olde splitte-screene.

Haze will be released exclusively for PS3 on 23rd May.

Pop over to our Haze gamepage to follow is torrid release date history or just watch one of many videos of the Free Radical-developed shooter in action.