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Haze slips to 2008

Conviction tumbles further.

Ubisoft has revealed that drug-inspired shooter Haze will now no longer be out before Christmas.

Boss Yves Guillemot spilled the words in a six month financial review, highlighting that the Free Radical Design game will now be out sometime between January and March 2008 exclusively for PS3 until they make the other ones.

He also told money people that the new Jason Bourne-inspired instalment in the Splinter Cell series would not be out before April 2008. Conviction was originally due to be out this month, but slipped recently and quietly on the delay-banana to early next year.

On the whole, for those of you wondering about money things, Ubisoft made lots - partly due to Assassin's Creed being wildly successful despite largely failing to live up to expectations.

Other Ubisoft games to watch out for soon are mini-game ridden Raving Rabbids 2, film tie-in Beowulf and Naruto RPG Rise of a Ninja.