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Xbox Games with Gold for July named

Splinter Cell! Virtua Fighter! More!

July's Xbox Games with Gold offering is topped by Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - both Xbox 360 games.

Watch: Big games whose first trailers would surprise you

Greetings Eurogamers. Can you believe Outside Xbox has been making videos about videogames for nearly five years now? We'd go back and reminisce, but we'd cringe ourselves in half at the awkward clumsiness of our earliest videos.

Speaking of things that were vastly different when they were first revealed, some games go through drastic changes on their journey from debut trailer to final release. Here are 7 big games whose first trailers would surprise you.

And while we're on the subject of slightly awkward beginnings, we also present for your viewing pleasure these 8 bizarre origin stories of famous videogame characters. Which beloved hero was raised by wise space chickens? You'll have to watch to find out. That's how we get you.

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FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Loathing the Enemy

Tom's surprised that gaming's henchmen still fall below par.

Pretty much since I was a child, video games have been full of jerks. Donkey Kong? What a prick. Super Mario Kart? Full of jerks. I wasn't that familiar with the expression "climb a wall of dicks" when I was 10 years old, but if I had been then I would have directed it in Princess Peach's direction almost as often as I burst into tears because she pipped me to the line on Rainbow Road.

FeatureCheap This Week - 18/05/11

Crysis 2! Plain Sight! Conviction!

Welcome back to Cheap this Week, our round up the best deals in gaming every Wednesday. Here you'll find all sorts of delicious discounted gaming treats, compiled for your consideration. If one dose of cheap games a week isn't enough for you, SavyGamer.co.uk is constantly updated with offers plucked from bargain bins the world over.

Tom Clancy sale assaults Xbox Live

Plus, Pac-Man going cheap.

Next week sees a host of Tom Clancy-related titles attempt to sneak up on Xbox Live users and pry open their wallets, armed only with a set of price discounts.

Ubisoft reveals 2m SC: Conviction sales

Ubisoft reveals 2m SC: Conviction sales

"Number four" publisher in the US this year.

PC and Xbox 360 game Splinter Cell: Conviction sold nearly 2m copies from launch until the end of June, Ubisoft has revealed.

This "solid performance" coupled with the "sustained sales" of Assassin's Creed 2, Just Dance and Avatar, helped the publisher earn €161 during the months of April, May and June. That Q1 FY2010 performance was up 94 per cent year-on-year.

For Q2, Ubisoft has H.A.W.X. 2 (hands-on impressions published yesterday), R.U.S.E. and Racquet Sports, among others. Earnings are expected to be much lower, at €83m.

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UK charts: Splinter Cell Conviction is top

Episodes from Liberty City up there too.

Ubisoft's new Splinter Cell: Conviction game has topped the UK all-formats chart. The game is only available on Xbox 360 for the moment, with the PC release due at the end of April.

Ghost Recon beta won't use code

Ghost Recon beta won't use code

Just need Splinter Cell disc to download.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta without having to input a code.

That's according to a leaflet included with copies of the spy game, which went on sale on Friday (thanks VG247).

"Once the beta is available, you'll be able to download it through the news feed on the main menu of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, free of charge and with no codes required," it said.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction

The irony in calling the reinvention of a long-established series Conviction, only to flip-flop on what exactly that reinvention should look like, is writ large across Splinter Cell's recent history. We're now three years on from Ubisoft's original release date for Sam Fisher's fifth outing, a development hell seemingly spent groping in the dark for exactly what a stealth game should look and play like, post-Kojima.

The answer, it appears, is nothing much like a stealth game at all. Fisher has found alacrity in his middle age, his sneaking now less about cowering from torch beams than dashing, Dark Knight-like, from silent takedown to takedown. There are still echoes of the series' tradition of planning and executing skulk attacks, but new-found pace and accessibility makes this more of an action game than ever before.

Where once Splinter Cell was the primary preserve of the patiently cruel - those players happy to memorise enemy patrol patterns, lay elaborate traps and find thrill in the crumple of a single adversary - Conviction invites Jack Bauer into its lead role, then dresses him up like a ninja.

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US Splinter Cell may have dodgy USB key

No such problem in Europe.

Update: As expected, Ubisoft has confirmed this isn't a problem in Europe. "Europe has a separate collector's edition which does not contain a USB drive, so is not affected by this issue," it said in a statement.

Sam Fisher is an angry man. For years he's been doing a pretty angry job, murdering from the shadows under the auspices of neo-con morality, but he's always been ready with a snappy putdown as he slips a knife around the jugular of the enemies of freedom. To a certain extent he's still up to that - "It's a good job all your training paid off," he tells a young man as he separates his vertebrae - but the new Sam Fisher is a furious one, motivated entirely by his own vengeful reasons.

Ubi to make franchise games more often

And they will all have multiplayer.

Ubisoft plans to produce games based on its biggest franchises more often and wants everything to have multiplayer in it, according to CEO Yves Guillemot.

Splinter Cell delayed for "polish"

But for how long Ubisoft can't say.

Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that Splinter Cell: Conviction was delayed to add "a bit more polish", and not because Q1 2010 is unconventionally bursting with big-name releases.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Good co-op, bad co-op?

It's okay everyone, the nastiness and xenophobia is all over. America and Russia are videogaming friends again. All these years of digital conflict, and suddenly it's all resolved. Splinter Cell: Conviction's multiplayer features a US agent and a Russian agent working not against each other, but together for the common good. Is this a videogaming first? Probably not, but I'm going to say it is anyway, because I like making grand statements. For instance: cats are smarter than monkeys. Baked beans can cure leprosy.

Ubisoft unveils Splinter Cell special edition

Ubisoft unveils Splinter Cell special edition

Exclusive game mode, armour, statue, etc.

Ubisoft has unveiled the Collector's Edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Due out alongside the regular game for PC and Xbox 360 on 26th February, the Conviction CE consists of the game, a statue of Sam Fisher wearing Jason Bourne's top and crushing some Third Echelon goggles under his foot, an official soundtrack featuring "more than 17 tracks" and a steelbook case.

There are also in-game goodies included, most notably "Infiltration Mode", where you must "eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without being detected". You also get a special playable skin ("Shadow Armour"), and early access to the SC300, SR2 and MP5 weapons.

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Ubi talks up Splinter Cell in-game ads

Using heat maps to identify key spots.

Ubisoft plans to offer advertisers a variety of opportunities to promote their wares within Splinter Cell: Conviction, according to a presentation at a Microsoft event in New York yesterday.

Editor's blog: Woman of Conviction

Andréane Meunier explains the decision to rebuild the new Splinter Cell.

Only three years have passed since the last Splinter Cell game, Double Agent, took a bow and received the critical acclaim to which the series had become accustomed, but it feels a lot longer. After four releases in four years, the series' hiatus wasn't deliberate - Conviction had been scheduled for release in late 2007 - but after a mixed outing at the inaugural Ubidays that May, the game disappeared from radars amidst rumours the team had gone back to the drawing board.

Much has changed since Sam Fisher retreated into the shadows under cover of nervous write-ups at Ubidays 2007. He's had a haircut, for a start, and he's bought some clothes that fit, including Jason Bourne's sweater. He's also, to judge by the opening sequence of the first playable press demo - a mash-up of the opening two levels of the game proper - relocated to the flashback bathroom where Craig, Daniel Craig popped his double-oh cherry in Casino Royale. But the most important thing for fans will be that he's found his old feet. Conviction is unmistakeably Splinter Cell. The goggles have gone, but Sam is still there, sneaking around and doing unbelievable things under cover of darkness.

No "major changes" for Splinter Cell

Drawing board phase very much over.

Ubisoft has denied that the delay to Splinter Cell: Conviction will result in significant changes to the game demonstrated at E3 just last month.

Ubi: Games delayed to ensure quality

Splinter Cell and Red Steel 2 needed time.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has said that Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2 have been delayed in order to make sure each full game lives up to their E3 demos.

Multiplayer confirmed for SC: Conviction

Multiplayer confirmed for SC: Conviction

"You're supposed to be like Jack Bauer."

Ubisoft has confirmed multiplayer for the new-look Splinter Cell: Conviction that was unveiled proper at E3 this year.

"We're going to have a multiplayer, but I can't talk about it anymore than that. It's part of the things we're going to announce during the summer," producer Alexandre Parizeau told Joystiq.

"DLC? Yes, it's always part of our strategies. We always want to keep the content fresh, so as soon as the team is done with the game we can move on and continue expanding the experience," he added, cementing the May promise of post-release content for Conviction, Assassin's Creed 2 and James Cameron's Avatar.

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Splinter Cell Conviction before Christmas

And Ghost Recon 4 before April 2010.

Yves Guillemot, king of Ubisoft, has said that the long-awaited Splinter Cell Conviction will be released before Christmas, and that Ghost Recon 4 will be released within the company's current financial year.

I Am Alive delayed for "more work"

Out in financial 09/10 along with Red Steel 2, Assassin's 2, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon.

Ubisoft has delayed the release of I Am Alive until its next financial year, which runs from the start of April until the end of March 2010.

Following Splinter Cell: Conviction's disappointing no-show during last night's Ubidays press conference, Ubisoft has moved to quell speculation by claiming the game simply needs more "polishing".

Haze slips to 2008

Conviction tumbles further.

Ubisoft has revealed that drug-inspired shooter Haze will now no longer be out before Christmas.

It's happy days for Ubisoft financially, but those of you looking forward to Splinter Cell: Conviction will be less than happy to hear it's snuck into 2008.

The instruction booklet for Splinter Cell: Double Agent describes 29 different actions Sam Fisher can perform. There are individual sub-sections later on dealing with hacking, safe-cracking, mine assembly, email decryption, and bomb-defusal. Overall, the game uses every single button on the Xbox 360 pad several times over.

EGTV: Conviction trailer

EGTV: Conviction trailer

Sam Fisher's new look.

If you've been loitering around Eurogamer TV this morning you will have noticed the first ever trailer for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The video emerged from the Ubisoft event in Paris, and shows Sam Fisher getting into various dust-ups in normal everyday environments. But rather than use high-tech gadgets to gain the edge, he uses the crowd, his fists, and objects around him to prevail.

It's the fifth game in stealth-action series, and is promising to be completely different to what's come before it. We like the idea of it being more Jason Bourne than James Bond.

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