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US Splinter Cell may have dodgy USB key

No such problem in Europe.

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Update: As expected, Ubisoft has confirmed this isn't a problem in Europe. "Europe has a separate collector's edition which does not contain a USB drive, so is not affected by this issue," it said in a statement.

Original story: Ubisoft has cut the price of the special edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction in the US after it discovered that a bundled USB drive may be faulty.

The Limited Edition pack will now cost $69.99 instead of $79.99, a spokesperson told GameSpot, because some of the USB drives don't work. Only some, mind, and everything else is fine apparently.

Anyone who does miss out will be given a way to access the USB key content via the internet following the game's launch.

We've asked Ubisoft in the UK whether punters here will be affected, but judging by listings on GAME and other retailers the European special edition doesn't include a USB key, so unless the bundled statue of Sam Fisher has scurvy or the box is made of wasps, you should be okay.

Look out for our Splinter Cell: Conviction review this week.

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