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Haze not down for May 22nd after all

Schedule takes another boring turn.

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Ubisoft has changed the Haze release date back to "May".

Yesterday afternoon the game was finally given a 22nd May date, but this morning an amended schedule put it back into monthly territory. Tomorrow it might be blonde or brunette.

Haze was announced back in 2006 and was originally scheduled for an early 2007 release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Then it slipped out of the 2006 financial year, then they said autumn 2007, then they said some time between April and June 2008. Then May 22nd. Now just May.

Still, at least we know it's definitely a PS3-exclusive. One that's also in development for Xbox 360 and PS3.

What a thrilling rollercoaster ride it's been. You can track all the twists and turns via the Haze gamepage, if your job really is that boring.

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