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Haze still multiformat - Doak

Just leading on PS3, EG told.

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Free Radical's David Doak has told Eurogamer that Haze is being developed for multiple formats after all - it's just leading on PlayStation 3.

"We're working on development on all platforms, so we will bring the other ones along," Doak told us at UbiDays in Paris yesterday. "It's just looking at the way to best get a return on the investment of making the game."

"I think there's an opportunity there to create a new brand and push new IP and PlayStation 3 looks like a good place to do that at the moment.

"There's obviously the performance - the machine's a very capable machine - and I think we're pretty well-placed to take advantage of it because we've got a good history on PlayStation 2 so we're not frightened by some of the things causing people a bit of alarm," the developer - a veteran of projects like GoldenEye - explained.

Publisher Ubisoft had previously been coy about confirming the game's multiformat status, with US reports pointing to a "hazy" future for Xbox 360 and PC versions yesterday.

The FPS, which takes place in 2048 and sees players working for the globe-spanning Mantel Corporation in a battle against South American rebels, aims to show us the shades of grey that make up the war palette, dealing with more than the usual range of gaming emotions. It also features four-player story-mode co-op across the duration of its 15-hour campaign.

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