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EGTV: Haze demonstration

Doak walks us through it.

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Those of you in surveillance vans outside Eurogamer TV will have noticed a new trailer for Haze joining the cinematic line-up.

Look a little closer and you'll see it is the first footage of the game being played, as boss of developer Free Radical - David Doak - walks us through the Abandoned Resort level.

This is one of the latter stages from the game, after you as Shane Carpenter have defected from the global mega-force Mantle, and joined the Rebel forces resisting them.

As we explore the damaged structure, the importance of using Nectar against the Mantle forces is illustrated time and time again. This drug may be their biggest advantage, but it's also their greatest weakness.

For example, Doak kills a Mantle soldier and approaches the corpse. He scavenges it with his knife, drenching the blade in Nectar and creating a grenade containing the remaining fluid in the dead man's tanks. These two weapons turn out to be Doak's bread and butter.

A fling of the knife will pierce your opponent's armour and administer a healthy dose of Nectar, causing an overdose. Similarly a Nectar grenade will fumigate the area causing the same outcome. Once a Mantle soldier has taken too much, all hell breaks loose - the blinkers go on and violence comes from whatever is closest, even allied troops.

So through Doak goes, watching Mantle soldiers fight and kill each other, before he moves in to clear up the remainder - scavenging corpses to restock his supplies. He can also sneak up on Mantle forces when they're not looking and slash the pipes connecting the injecting Nectar tanks, causing a spray of fluid and more overdosing.

Doak also uses the Rebel skill of playing dead to trick others, steals flat-footed enemies' weapons to kill them with, and demonstrates the roll manoeuvre his side can use to dodge heavy explosives.

They're all examples of the "thinking man's game" Free Radical has promised us, and will be delivering exclusively on PS3 this November - 360 and PC versions are yet to be confirmed.

Head over to Eurogamer TV to see Haze in action, or pop over to our gamepage for all our coverage to date.

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