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EGTV: David Doak on Haze

Free Radical boss David Doak fights the good fight.

Steroids are great. I'm as strong as an ox and can keep going with barely any rest. Nothing can stop me now - I'll be enormous soon. Oh, but what's this little thing? Why are all these people looking at me and talking behind my back? I'll crush them like pesky little flies!

It is, bizarrely, the same message Free Radical boss David Doak is trying to get across in our exclusive Haze developer diary, now showing on Eurogamer TV.

We all think we've seen everything to do with the first-person shooter, largely thanks to our detailed preview and in-depth interview. We know it's about a giant company called Mantle who outsource military muscle to governments around the globe. We also know their success largely comes from a chemical stimulant called Nectar, which makes its soldiers virtually superhuman.

And although it works just like it says on the tin, it also has its drawbacks - an arrogance you'll have to exploit as Rebel soldier Shane Carpenter if you want to survive.

You see, Nectar-high soldiers have faster reactions and better perception, but also a blinkered view of their surroundings. You'll be able to approach them, punch them in the face and steal their weapon, or play dead and spring up behind enemy lines once they've passed - simply because they don't factor that audacity into their winning equation. It's this brain over brawn approach David Doak feels sets Haze apart from the crowd.

"Now you have to work on your wits, looking for ways you can make the troopers go wrong," says Doak. "With Haze we want to create the shooter people think of when they think PS3."

But it isn't all maths and homework. Other headline features include four player online co-op throughout the entire campaign, as well as normal and objective-based multiplayer. It also looks very nice, as you might expect.

Enough of our waffle though, head over to Eurogamer TV for the exclusive Haze developer diary, now showing.

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