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Conan to offer 250 hours of levelling

Level fast, die young.

As covered in our launch event report, Funcom has revealed that it will take around 250 hours of play to reach the level cap of 80 in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.

Speaking at last week's launch event game director Gaute Godager said, "We have budgeted - because that's what you do, you budget people's time when you make these types of games - a levelling curve which is on average 250 hours of gameplay."

Godager pointed out that for the first three quarters of that curve, levelling will be a lot faster than is common in MMOs - partly so he himself can get some progress in.

"I'm not really a hardcore player, I pretend to be," said Godager. "I said that I want to make a game that I can enjoy. When I sit down for a gaming session, I use two to three hours, and in that time I would like to gain a level."

Age of Conan is out on Friday, and Eurogamer MMO is marking the event with a dedicated Age of Conan week. Stay tuned to find out more about how you'll be spending those 250 hours in Hyboria.