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Take-Two sues over pulled GTA IV ads

Chicago Transit Authority slapped with suit.

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Take-Two is seeking legal damages from the Chicago Transit Authority after it decided to pull Grand Theft Auto IV ads from buildings and buses around the city.

The publisher claims a violation of both its free speech rights and a contractual agreement, according to GameSpot.

"Although we prefer to resolve these issues amicably," said a Take-Two spokesperson, "The CTA has refused to discuss with us its outrageous decision to pull advertising for the critically acclaimed game Grand Theft Auto IV while running ads for other forms of popular entertainment with similar content, including mature-themed TV shows and R-rated movies."

Take-Two is after around USD 300,000 in compensation as its six-week campaign of 385 ads had only just begun.

The Chicago Transit Authority, one of the largest mass transit operators in the whole of North America did you know, decided to remove the GTA IV adverts because of a previous problem with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Adverts for this 2004 title provoked many to complain, but the campaign had run its course before the CTA could do anything about it.

The Chicago Transit Authority has said it will not charge Take-Two for the aborted GTA IV campaign.

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