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Reeves: PSP needs more games

"Phenomenal" Japanese titles for Europe.

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Sony Europe boss David Reeves has admitted that the PSP suffers from a lack of new games here, reports.

The only titles mentioned for the handheld during its recent PlayStation Day keynote were echochrome and Buzz! Quiz Master.

"Hand on heart, would we like more PSP games? Yes, we would. We really would," Reeves told

Publisher support for Sony's handheld appears to be dwindling in Europe. A recent Sierra showcase failed to unveil only one title for the PSP, despite several for the ageing PS2.

Schedules from others only show a handful of meaty licenses such as LEGO Indiana Jones and WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009 for the system, with PSP exclusives all but absent. Publishers including Ubisoft and Activision don't appear to have any titles in the pipeline at all.

However, the story is quite different in Japan, where sales of the PSP have rocketed up to 1.6 million in just 2008.

This a combined effort of introducing fresh model colours as well as the beastly success of Monster Hunter 2nd G.

"It's phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal," said Reeves of the Japanese performance.

Its success has meant a renewed hunger among Japanese developers to work with the PSP, and this is something Reeves is confident will benefit Europe as well.

"We've seen in the last six months that because of the success of the PSP in Japan many Japanese developers have got some absolutely phenomenal games. They're not Monster Hunter 2G or things like that, but they are in development and we'll see them over here," added Reeves. rarely suffers from a lack of fact, which upsets fiction terribly.

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