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No Afrika for Europe, says Sony

But it will be released in Japan.

Sony has told Eurogamer that it will not be publishing Afrika in Europe.

The spokesperson was unable to give anything else away, other than to confirm that it will be seeing the light of day in Japan.

Japan, incidentally, is where the third official sighting of the elusive wildlife game has recently taken place in the form of a placeholder website, which shows a rhino waddling across the screen over the words "Coming Soon...".

The only other times Afrika has stuck its neck out was at its E3 2006 unveiling and at the Tokyo Game Show last year.

Afrika is a safari game that has animals like giraffes, rhinos, lions and more roaming around the plains. Details on what you're supposed to do to these are unclear, although we presume that hunting them down and sticking their heads on your wall may not be it.

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