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GAME struggles with Rock Band demand

Stocks low despite high price point.

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Retailer GAME has revealed that it may struggle to meet demand for Rock Band when the game is released for Xbox 360 this Friday.

Its launch stock has been depleted in some of its shops, even at the considerable asking price of GBP 180 for the game plus instrument bundle - microphone, guitar and drum-kit.

"As with other hugely innovative and popular titles like Guitar Hero and Wii Fit, Rock Band is creating enormous interest from a new range of customers," a spokesperson for GAME told

"This has meant that some of our stores have had to stop taking pre-orders because their launch stock of the Band in a Box pack has already been ordered."

GAME has promised it is working closely with EA to replenish its stocks as fast as it can.

We're giving an Xbox 360 Elite and entire Rock Band bundle away, by the way, but the competition ends tomorrow so you'll have to be quick.

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