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Pure "exactly the same" on PS3, 360

Black Rock promises demo, too.

Game director Jason Avent is confident that Pure will be exactly the same on PS3 and 360.

Speaking to Eurogamer, he said there was nothing to worry about and that the Sony version of the off-road arcade racer was up to standard as early as January this year.

"It's the same; exactly the same," Jason Avent assured us. "I'd say around January time we had all the functionality in the PS3 version that we had in the 360.

"Now we've got them both running and 30 frames per second is our target. It does dip down, but we've got months to optimise it. We do side-by-side comparisons just like you guys do."

His confidence comes from having access to a PS3 SDK a long time ago, thanks to a relationship formed making ATV vs. Offroad Fury 3 and 4 for Sony - back when Black Rock was called Climax and not owned by Disney.

However, development was lead on 360 because Black Rock had a "mature engine" from MotoGP '06 and '07, but once the bare bones of the game were in place, then 60 to 70 percent of the team got the PS3 version up to speed.

Avent went on to explain that the "PC [version] jumps out of the back of development" - which sounds like a good thing - and that to do a Wii version justice he would have to expand more than he was "currently comfortable doing" or "rob" the other teams of their focus.

Pure is due out this autumn on PC, PS3 and 360. It's described as an "off-road trick racing game" based around fun rather than simulation, and is shaping up to be much more than a bump in the road for heavyweights like MotorStorm Pacific Rift.

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