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Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second launch on Steam

Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second launch on Steam

Disney resurrects back catalogue on PC.

Disney games are now on Steam.

Games such as Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second are included.

Epic Mickey 2 is a surprise inclusion. Shortly after the adventure game released, Disney closed its developer, Junction Point. The PC port had been thought lost, but now, nearly two years after the game first launched, it appears.

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Why Disney closed Black Rock

"No longer sees console as a priority."

Analysts have suggested the closure of Pure and Split/Second developer Black Rock had more to do with owner Disney's desire to get out of console game development than any deficiencies at the Brighton-based studio.

MS drops 360's 720p requirement

Devs now free to make "trade-off".

Black Rock's technical director David Jefferies has revealed that the 720p requirement for Xbox 360 games has been "retired" by Microsoft.

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 15

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 15

BioShock, Dead Space, Pure, Midnight Club, Spidey, Star Wars.

Eurogamer's dogged, relentless coverage of the latest in cross-platform console development continues into this mammoth 15th round, where six more high-profile games are torn apart to the sounds of rage, applause and occasional reasoned debate from the internet assembled.

Of course, you all know the deal by now. Key to our quest is mastery of the video outputs of the respective consoles. Zero-compromise 24-bit full-range RGB captures from the HDMI ports of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 allow us to produce the best comparison screen grabs, while Eurogamer's h264-equipped video player means the best in streaming video (make sure you have that 'high quality' feature enabled). And if all that isn't good enough, the high-def captures in all their 720p 60FPS majesty can be downloaded for playback on fast PCs, Xbox 360 or PS3 via the author's blog where similar content for the technically obsessed can also be found. [Enough plugs. - Ed]

In terms of releases covered this time around, we've centred on a collection of the most recent, interesting or controversial titles:

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And simple: buy it.

Remember the first time you ever rode a rollercoaster? The intoxicating, freefall terror of plummeting downwards into infinite doom; the feeling that you're surely going to die as your stomach flies past your ears. That's Pure's stock in trade.

Nestling somewhere between Burnout and SSX, you'll find Pure, hurtling through the sky, whooping and doing 1080 flips while punching the air. It's that face-wobbling devil-may-care speed madness, mixed in with mid-air sick tricks, that instantly marks Black Rock's quad-bike racer as something special. Not only is it completely insane, it looks fantastic, and has that all-important addictive immediacy that makes it a ludicrous amount of fun from the very first time you play it.

In old money, Pure is a straight-down-the-line arcade racer. It essentially takes extreme sports to ludicrous extremities, and creates a world in which mentalist quad-bike riders with testosterone issues feel the need to drive hundreds of feet into the air off the side of a mountain, play air guitar during the descent, and do a few flips for good measure. Broken bones? No problem.

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Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Pure demo heads PSN weekly update

Plus: Warhawk combo pack, Haze DLC.

Sony will stuff more content onto the PS3 Store today, lead by a demo for exciting quad-bike racer Pure.

The PSN Store is yet to be updated, but PS3gen is claiming to have a heads up on content.

There's another sampler for NHL 2K9 - although the game should be as top-notch as always - plus a Destruction add-on pack for Haze, which costs EUR 4.99 (GBP price coming soon).

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Pure is keen to impress. Due for release at a time when most of the heavyweight racing brands are having a little nap on the hard shoulder, the game developed about 300 metres from our office in Brighton hopes to turn a few heads with a monstrously hectic brand of vertiginous, trick-focused off-road racing.


It's more SSX than MotorStorm.

Black Rock Studio only makes racing games; it has ever since it was formed as Climax Racing Studio back in 2000. You may remember it for MotoGP (on PC and Xbox) and ATV Offroad Fury. But when Disney bought the company in late 2006, both owner and developer decided it was time for a change; to put fun ahead of simulation. Pure, which launches later this year, is the first example of this, and both developer and publisher are crossing their axels that it does the business, despite competition from Sony's MotorStorm Pacific Rift and THQ's Baja.