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Ubisoft denies Conviction redesign

Splinter Cell rumours are "pure speculation".

Ubisoft has dismissed rumours that Splinter Cell Conviction is heading back to the drawing board as speculation.

The publisher was responding to a report in Xbox World 360 magazine that claimed the game was being redesigned because it wasn't groundbreaking enough, and had even been outdated by Ubisoft titles such as Assassin's Creed.

The rumours suggested that Conviction would go back into development and be given a fresh release date of Christmas 2009 - or even spring 2010.

Not so, said Ubsioft, telling Eurogamer the report is "pure speculation".

Splinter Cell Conviction was revealed last year at the Paris-based publisher event UbiDays. The 2008 show takes place next week.

The fifth instalment in the sneaky Sam Fisher series does away with all the gadgets and casts you in a fugitive role where you will have to use your surroundings to survive: blend with crowds, throw tables at ice creams at people, that sort of thing.

It hasn't been seen for a while, now, but pop over to our Splinter Cell Conviction gamepage for all of the information to date.