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Overlord PS3 demo surfacing today

Full package in June.

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Codemasters has plonked the PS3 demo for Overlord on the PlayStation Store, which is a better place for it than in our pocket.

The publisher also cackled a 20th June release date for the full game, which it is calling an "extra evil" version of what we saw a while back on 360 and PC.

Why? Well, it has all the downloadable updates added to those in the box, such as online co-op, split-screen play, the on-screen mini-map and the Raising Hell expansion.

It should also look rather nice and make use of 7.1 speakers, which is rather a lot of sound.

Overlord, for those unaware, puts you in the boots of a despotic, er, Overlord, who has an army of minions to help him rampage through happy-go-lucky villages littered with helpless innocents.

The more successful you are, the bigger and more elaborate you can make your keep, and the more types of minion you will be able to add to your marauding army.

Its Dungeon Keeper-like delights thrilled us last summer on Xbox 360, so for anyone with half-an-ear for what we just said, this may be for you.

Pop over to our Overlord and Overlord: Raising Hell reviews to find out more.

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