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Sony US unveils new line-up

Buzz PS3/PSP out in autumn.

Sony America has coloured in the remaining blanks on its release schedule for the rest of 2008 and early 2009.

The most newsworthy appearance is the addition of Buzz PS3 and Buzz PSP to the line-up, with both versions set to launch this Autumn.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the Siren: Blood Curse PSN series is due to appear this summer.

Elsewhere, there was only one first-party release for the PS2 on the schedule. Helps it stay active.

Sony America went on to boast that the PS3 momentum was stronger than ever in 2007 thanks to Blu-ray becoming the sole high-definition disc format, as well as from strong sales from last Christmas and the success of titles such as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

More than 8 million people have registered on the PlayStation Network now, apparently, and downloaded around 140 million items.

"For the second half of 2008 and beyond, we will see a spectacular line up of triple-A titles and original gaming content that will satisfy PlayStation fans across the board," said Scott Steinberg, Sony US smooth talker.

The entire US line-up is as follows:

PlayStation Network titles

  • wipEout HD (Summer)
  • Elefunk (Summer)
  • PixelJunk Eden (Summer)
  • Siren: Blood Curse (Summer)

PSP titles

  • Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 (June)
  • Secret Agent Clank (June)
  • NBA 09 (Autumn)
  • BUZZ! Master Quiz (Autumn)

PlayStation 2 titles

  • NBA 09 (Autumn)

PlayStation 3 titles

  • SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation (September)
  • LittleBigPlanet (October)
  • NBA 09 (Autumn)
  • BUZZ! Quiz TV (Autumn)
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift (Autumn)
  • Resistance 2 (Autumn)
  • Killzone 2 (February 2009)