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God of War II song for Guitar Hero III

Out next month for free - in Europe too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Xbox 360 owners and PS3 owners have always been best of friends, as everyone knows, but there were some puffy eyes and grumpy faces around the Guitar Hero III dinner table last November when 360 players bagged themselves a free Halo 3 theme tune download. Six months later, Sony is fighting back with its own bespoke download: a song called "The End Begins (to Rock)" from God of War II.

The Guitar Hero community website reveals that the track will be free to download and is due out on 5th June.

Sadly the site doesn't specify whether the track will be available in the US and Europe simultaneously or if Eurogamers will have to wait a bit, and neither Sony nor Activision could help us with our inquiries on the subject today. However, we are expecting to find out soon, so watch out for an update later on. (Update, 4.18pm: As promised, we've discovered that the song will indeed be available in Europe on 5th June. Woo.)

In the meantime, the news does raise the not entirely uninteresting question of who would win in a fight: Master Chief or Kratos?

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